Welcome Notix Python Wrapper Package

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A python wrapper for Notix Push Notification.


Use pip to install latest package from PyPI.

pip install notix-python


To use this package

from notix.notix_api import Notix

app_id = "Your Notix App Id"

token = "Your API token"

notix_object = Notix(app_id, token)

message = { 

    "message": {

    "title": "test Notification", 

    "text":"sample notifiaction text"


resp = notix_object.send_notification(message)



To get app_id and token kindly visit on Notix add your website.

Create your api token here. You can set Envirnoment Variable as APP_ID and TOKEN.

  • message - Message Contents type dict.
    • icon - Url of small image displayed in Push Notification type str.
    • image - Url of image displayed in push message type str.
    • text - Additional test message type str.
    • title - Message title type str.
    • url - Target Url where users will be redirected on click type str.
  • limit - Maximum recipient amount type int Example 10.
  • schedule - Schedule content type dict.
    • interval - Mailing repeat interval in minutes, minimum 60 maximum 43200(30 days) type int.
    • start_date - Date and time when notification will be sent format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss in UTC type str.
  • scheduled_date - Scheduling date type str.
  • ttl - Time to Live in minutes type int.


For core api parameters you can visit here